Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have been the luckiest man in the world

It has been brought to my attention that I need to blog more and yes Ms. Fergie you are right.

Ok lets face facts, 2009 just absolutely sucked and to be honest put me in a tail spin that I still havent pulled out of completely. So you might wonder why I chose that title. plain simple truth is that it is true I have been the luckiest man in the world. Unlike many I didnt marry to early or too often like many today. I was lucky that I waited until I met Heather, though it was later in life at the age of 39. We got married when I was 40 and for the next 9 years 6 months and 26 days I was the luckiest husband there could be even though I do admit that I didnt realize it all of the time.

She was my inspiration, motivation, drive, and yes pain in the butt, but all for the better of us. This also I didnt truely appreciate until too late.