Monday, October 19, 2009

A prayer for the loss of one of our 23

Tonight I received word that one of our 23 has had a loss. The loss of a companion, one of unconditional love, devotion, fun, frolic, slobbery kisses, wagging tails, and I am sure there had to be mischief involved as well. Their companion succumbed tonight and needed to be put to rest. Any and all losses are catastrophic, especially when it involves one that is always there when you come home, doesn't judge, and always finds a way to raise your spirits whether it be human or canine and no words can ever relieve the pain. Tonight I say a doggy prayer, and extend support to one of our 23 dealing with their loss.

With sympathy and support

Scott, Rogue, and Jubilee

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  1. Oh my heart goes out to them tonight.... the pain must be so raw and deep. I'm so sorry for the loss.....