Saturday, October 3, 2009

the Book That Wont End

**I was going to delete this post mainly because at the time it the events of the weekend were a bit painful to complete and the reason for lack of following post. It will remain incomplete at this time, as we move forward.**

How many chapters are there going to be in this book? It seems recently there is something that either comes in the mail, I see on the road, or I find in the house that either makes me laugh like an idiot or pains me like being impailed by a spike.

This has been an unusual summer in Richmond, I heard on the radio that this is the first recorded summer with no bad air quality days. It has been slightly cooler than normal and regular rain fall that has not created a need for water restrictions, the first that I remember since moving here. The nuts ar falling early from the trees causing some to say that per the Farmers Almanac means an early and rough winter ahead. Also the humidity has been much lower than in recent memory. All what Heather enjoyed, cool dry summer days. The garden has flourished in spite of being neglected by me this year just being either too tired from work or procrastinating because I will be working alone in the beds. The roses where outrageous this year in my opinion, and due to the unique season we are having, have bloomed again withing the past three weeks. When I first pulled in the drive after they had bloomed I sat in the car and just looked at them and smiled as Jubilee and Rogue howled awaiting me to enter and let them out. A cone flower has blumed for the first time in three years, and Heather's Lamb's Ears has spread through out the front bed. Her Zebra Grass is attempting to creat it's own personal rain forrest while two new Nandina's have sprouted as well. I mention this because today as I was out cutting the grass I stopped several times and thought of how the yard was when we first moved in, and how Heather had a vision of how to make it beautiful. Toil, sweat, heated arguments, blistered hands, a broken foot, sore muscle and joints and her vision was almost complete. Dropping an irrigation system and she would be satisfied.

I have a shrub that Heather had bought for me that I have yet to plant, she bought it just prior to making the turn and to be honest I am at a lost as to where to put it without her input. It is called the "Dark Knight", she bought it for me because of the Batman reference. Silly isn't it, not being able to plant a damn shrub on my own. That's just the way things can be at the moment. But I do make sure that I keep the grass on the street side of the shrubs cut, lol, I can just hear her saying "how can you cut the front yard and not get the grass by the street?" Amazing how things that irritated you once can now make you laugh and smile.

I still have items that I need to deal with, and a major one is clearing out what was to be Heather's craft room. She wanted the room to do sewing, knitting, beading, and turn into a mini studio in an attempt to become a voice over artist. It is also the room in which Heather kept all of her jewelery.

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