Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ohhhhhh HELLL no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok has anyone else's metaphysical eardrums shattered over the last two nights besides mine? Monday night, THE night, the return of Dancing With The Stars, a night that I have looked forward to and dreaded was upon us. Yes maybe a little over dramatic but very very emotional all the same. I had the DVR set and started the show about 20 minutes in and as soon as I did, emotion and tears took over as the intro music started. Next when the male dancers came out, cringed when they showed Mark and got a big smile on my face when I saw that Louie was back (probably Heather's favorite of the male dancer beause of his talent and choreography). Then the walk down the stairs and the pairs made their debut, and I swear Heather's box sent out shock waves and I could hear her screaming OH Hell No! as the walked down.

Some of the nicer things that came to mind in Heatherese were, "Look at Cheryl, they have her with that damn politician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She looks horrified!, George Hamilton's kid (first who is he) and with Edyta? Donny Osmond, didn't Marie bring enough drama when she was on and they are going to try again??? Who the hell is that little blonde (family friendly) twerp trying to resurrect his career? Michael Irvin definately no Emmett or Jerry." And finally "They struck a gold mine with Ty last season he was cute, adorable, and a 50's throwback to the matinee hero (all of which were comments that she had made about Ty Murray), he is probably gentle as a lamb but Mark (MMA fighter) will scare the hell out of everyone" Now the Iron Chef Marc, also an actor in B and C movies would have probably won her over, and we dont even want to start about the snowboarder.

For those of you who knew Heather, and especially those who worked with her and analyze DWTS every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings might agree that I am not too far off the mark in how she viewed the first show, and can insert their own version of Heather's, ahh more elaborate lets say, terms for how she saw it (someohow that just brought a smile to my face).

The evening did bring on strong emotions though. I would look at her area, see her box, our portrait, the champaigne bottle from the night she left and we came home toasted her and watched DWTS, then look to her side of the couch (which Jubilee has claimed as her owned) looking at Jubie lying there yet seeing and hearing Heather as the show went on. I will admit it had me watery most of the night. Just another way that Heather stays with me of sorts.

As vaguely elluded to in an early post, my career has taken another turn. Either I have done something really right, OR I have really pissed someone off. Monday was my last day at Philip Morris, I have received a latteral promotion to be the Food Servicew Director at an account downtown in need of help. So either i go and turn things aroundor I'll be grateful that Congress just extended unemployment benefits lol. I do love a challenge, and this will be my mistress for time being.

Thats pretty much it for now.

Let me hear how you have seen DWTS so far, and did anyone notice the one female celebrity dancer who was caught rubbing her nose sort of down during the intros and then all shiney eye and smiley 10 minutes later? Sure I like a coke with my burger please and extra ketchup with my fries.

Da critters and me

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  1. Good Luck Scott at the new post. It's probably better for now considering that PM is going through another headcount reduction as we speak. Talks of closing some of the cafes or reducing how long they are open is also rumored.

    No one really did much for me on DWTS, i was usrpised at how well Marc did, so for now he's who i'm cheering for :)