Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Can Heal

So while I was waiting for lab work a week or so ago I watched as on old woman stood next to her husband's wheelchair. There were plenty of chairs around, and in fact a gentleman asked her if she would like to sit, but she refused. She stood next to her husband, hunched over in his chair, and slowly rubbed her hand up and down on his back for the entire time we waited, probably half an hour. You could tell that it was something she did to make him feel better, probably on a regular basis, as it was a practiced motion yet utterly without thought on her part. She would lean over from time to time to talk to him, and he appeared to be quite shrunken and not in great shape. I think the reason he is still alive is her love for him and his for her. She is his rock, and it nearly made me cry (okay, I admit I leaked a few tears).

Sometimes at night when I have a bad time of it, all of a sudden I feel Scott's hand on my shoulder, or he'll whisper how much he loves me or "We'll get through this". I don't know how he even knows I'm awake, but he is always there for me, even if it seems like he's still asleep. I'm quiet as a mouse, but he must feel it, or something. Knowing he's there makes all the difference, and keeps me going.

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