Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weird Cravings (and the port)

When you get chemo you are advised to eat small meals several times a day and eat mild foods, to avoid becoming nauseous. Many people even get what is called anticipatory nausea before a chemo treatment starts since they will become nauseous during treatment. In this way I am also odd, apparently, as I have never gotten nauseous during chemo, and only once or twice in the days after treatment. When I feel a bit of nausea coming on I take one of my anti-emetics and feel better within 20 minutes. They work very well on me!

Instead of nausea I tend to have cravings for spicy foods, often during the actual treatments. I like all of these foods normally, but I usually do not sit around thinking of them, but during chemo all I can think of is spanakopita, spaghetti with feta cheese, jalapeno poppers, samosas or one of many Mexican food items. Fortunately we have found ways to meet these cravings without having to go in search of the food itself. Instead of spanakopita Scott makes spinach with a bit of feta cheese and some lemon juice, effectively satisfying the craving without loading up on calories, and the samosa craving can be satisfied by frozen Masala Burgers from Trader Joes. The best thing ever at Trader Joes (at least this week's best thing ever at TJs) is the soy Chorizo. It tastes just like the real thing without the meat (or whatever its made of, ick) but with all the flavor. Scott loves it too.

So, the site of the port is getting hit from all sides this week from a new antibiotic, moist heat treatments, regular doses of Motrin to help with the swelling and pain meds. It started looking better early on, but is now getting red again! I see the doc tomorrow, but it is the most frustrating thing about this experience so far. I just want it to get better so I can focus on the real issue. I'll give an update after we see the doc tomorrow (yay, Scott is off tomorrow so he can come to my appointment with me).

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