Thursday, February 5, 2009

Transfusion Day

Well, as with everything else so far, the transfusion went fine, so it seems that my body is handling all sorts of weird stuff very well. I had barely any change in temperature or blood pressure the whole time (and they monitor it closely). My friend dropped by the Cancer Center to visit for a couple hours too, so it was nice to pass the time in conversation rather than just nodding off or reading magazines. Because they gave me benadryl in case of any allergic reaction I was (and still am) tired afterwards, but I trust that my new pint of blood will kick in tomorrow and leave me with lots of new energy and fresh iron!

I also had my CT scan this morning, but no results yet. I talked to my gyn/onc's nurse pratcitioner and she told me that I might not get my results until next Wednesday, since it takes 24-48 hours for radiology to read and interpret the results and that my gyn/onc wants to discuss the findings with Tumor Board, which occurs on Wednesdays! Very frustrating, so I think I'll call on Monday to try and get at least an idea of what is going on with the lung metastases just for peace of mind. I actually have a copy of the scan in my bag on CD for my trip to Memorial Sloan-Kettering (maybe I'll run into Ruth Bader Ginsberg up there, who knows?) but I don't have any software to read them.

A quick note on Gambit for those who are worried about him: He is acting like a puppy, has no arthritis, is engaging the other dogs in play and basically acts like a 2-year-old, so his cancer doesn't seem to be affecting him in any way. He seems to have more confidence since Neut has been gone, I think it's becuase he was getting tossled about on the stairway a bit and now can move around freely and is not worried about getting knocked down, but whatever it is he is doing great!

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