Monday, February 9, 2009

Slipping Further Behind

It seems that every day I have more to do and less energy to do it! I was sick again this weekend, it seems that the pattern is pretty set, and no matter what I do I have a couple of absolute no-energy days around Day 12-14 of my chemo cycle. I will have to plan a bit better for this, since the last couple times I've thought I was going to escape and keep good energy but find at the last minute that I'm down for the count.

I need to beg everyone's indulgence since I am woefully behind on e-mail and phone messages, and hope that you will all bear with me while I take the time to get back to everyone. I so appreciate the well wishes and good thoughts, and every message and e-mail makes me feel better and lifts my spirits, but it will take me awhile to get caught up with everyone!

I have broken out in the secondary pink spots again, this time at the back of my neck, and think they are from sweating (lovely, eh?) when I am not feeling well and in bed for a bit. They act a bit like acne or a heat rash, and that's all I can figure out, and last time disappeared pretty quickly, so I'll just keep an eye on them this time and see if a pattern develops.

The very good news is the books are almost gone from my house forever, and that will free me up to get much more done without that chore hanging over my head. As I said I'm glad I had the contest to distract me, but the packaging of the books was a huge task that I will not miss once the Post Office has taken the next step for me! It took more energy than I anticipated, but I had good help and can feel good about getting it done. No chemo this week, so my energy level should just keep going up, and I'm looking forward to CT info yet, will post as soon as I know.

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