Thursday, June 25, 2009

The count down begins

Its 2:07 pm thursday 6-25-9, and the count down begins. Heather's father flew into town on Monday night and has been staying with me. Either because I have stranted him without a car while I am at work, or because (the real reason) he cares, he has been wonderful getting the house ready for this weekend. Even going so far as to prime and paint the floor in the Florida room. My parents arrived yesterday afternoon, and Heather's mom and UE shortly after. the reality is slowly starting to set in that Saturday is the day. Damn it seemed so far away when everything happened now it will be here in a blink of an eye.

I went back to the cancer center this morning to invite both staffs of the cancer center and the woman's clinic to Heather's celebration. And yes I gave them the same warning that I have given all of you about your dress. While I was walking fro the cancer center to the clinic I noticed a woman talking to a couple. Just one of those things that catch your eye. When I walked back to the cancer center, I noticed that she was standing in front of the pharmacy and from seeing my own face I could tell she was fighting back tears. i asked her if she was OK, she nodded as she fought to get out "yes".

Something just prompted me as I stood in the middle of the elevator keeping the doors from closing to speak out. "The people are great here, they are going to take care of who ever is coming her. While my wife was coming here she couldn't say enough about the staff. You'll be in great hands". I still don't know why I told here that, probably because she needed someone to tell her its going to be ok. A very weak smile came over her face, nodded and said thank you.

Well the clock is running and there are people downstairs who think I am in the shower so I should run for now.

Stay Strong BALD POWER

Scott pooches, bunny and toad

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