Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tomorrow, a new begining

Tomorrow is a new beginning. A new day, sunrise, and a new time to set the alarm clock. Tomorrow I begin my new job. Ironically, I will be a contractor at the same company that Heather worked at as a contractor the majority of the time that we were married. Though not in the same building I have already received support from here friends that work there and I would like to thank you all very much.

I went to the MC today to fill out all of my paperwork, tax forms, badge request. When I arrived at the location I ran into my old boss which now will be my new boss. It was great to see her smiling face and receive her warm welcome. What else would you expect from the person that over saw the dining operations at Disney World for years? There is nothing like feeling support, and by that I mean tangible physical support a hug and a smile. As that happened, through that small gesture from the petite woman to be my boss, and as silly as it may sound but I felt strengthen. Not only by her support, but it seemed as if everyone support was channeled through her.

Another strange twist of fate, now three time Indianapolis 500 winner, and winner of the coveted DWTS mirror ball trophy, Heilo Castranevas will be at my building within my first week there.

Though the idea of getting up at 4:30 is still a long thought of memory, I am sure after I adjust to the initial shock it will be like getting back on a bike I slept off of. (yea that sort of sucked but you know what I mean). I have a very small (pixie feet size) pair of shoes to fill with a reputation for excellence that is immense. I will do my best as the name BROWN once again gets put on a contractors badge, a little red Vibe makes its way down a familiar road, and parks in a lot that could be seen from its old home. Thank you wifey I promise not to let your reputation tarnish.

And I wish to thank each and every one of you out there for your compassion, strength, support and empowerment. It was very very tangible today and it felt damn good.

Chef Brown


  1. Congratulations Scott, on a new beginning. So glad you'll be on friendly turf, with caring supportive people.... Mary

  2. Hi Scott,
    How come you can make us cry even at the happy things?? I'm so happy for you with your new job and the building filled with wonderful people who you'll fil with wonderful food. Good luck Chef Brown!
    XO, Barbara