Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day.........Anticipation (less than a week to go) .............Getting Gussied Up

A very good and sunny afternoon here in Richmond Virgina to everyone, especially the fathers out there.

Happy Father's Day to you! I bought myself a Father's Day present yesterday, an American flag for the front door to replace the one that the weather had worn down over the years. I put it out today while working in the yard, and as I put it in the bracket, the breeze picked up making the flag stand straight. there is nothing like seeing Old Glory sticking her chest out in the breeze, sort of gets you in the throat and heart.

It is a very good fathers day here as well, better than expected actually. Gambit was the first to wake me around 4 this morning to let him out so there wasn't an early present for me later lol. We went back to bed until they decided it was time for breakfast around 5:15 (the pooches have adapted to the old early routine a lot faster than their dad is btw). After the last kibble had been eaten they looked at me as I looked down at them and just shook my head with I think a smile and said "back to bed". Gam, Jube, and Rogue raced up the stairs and were standing by the bed with tails wagging. Once I climbed back in Jube and Gam were quick into action. They leaped into the bed, flanking me on both sides and the barrage of kisses began. I knew that resistance was futile, (hope the Borg don't show up next) and just gave in lying there smiling being appreciative. Petting them both until they settled down the snuggled in tight against me each with their head resting on an upper arm, Gambit on my right and Jubilee on my left. I wrapped my arms around them and went back to sleep. We finally woke up around 8:15. I did go and rub Heather after I finally woke, smiled thanked her for allowing us/me to have such wonderful kids and wished she was here........................TO MAKE ME PANCAKES!

I have come to the realization that there will always be times that will just kick me in the groin, take my breath away and make me extremely emotional. Those I cannot stop, and have a feeling that I will need from time to time. But I have also decided that instead of being depressed over such issues as today and Heather not tangibly being here, I will instead thank her for the time that we shared and reflect on those instead. That's easy for me to say now, I hope I feel the same closer to the big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Well it is less than a week until Heather's celebration. I am still very mixed on it though. I know that it needs to happen and yet there is still part of me in denial that if it doesn't, somehow history will change and so the circumstance. I am very very much looking forward to meeting those of you who knew Heather prior to us meeting and hearing your stories about her (especially since she can't tell you to be quiet, you didn't think of that did you wifey lol). Again I cannot emphasis this strongly enough; THIS IS A CELEBRATION, NOT A MEMORIAL! We are here to celebrate Heather, her accomplishments, faults, friendship, and love. And yes I did say faults, they also makes us who we are and though they could make us swear when they happened many of them will make us laugh now and wonder if they truly were faults. Yes I understand that it will be very emotional and yes there will be tears, but we are not there to mourn but to celebrate and wish her a very happy Bon Voyage as we officially send her onto her new voyage. This is a casual affair, I will either be in shorts or jeans (hint, no mention of suit and tie-take the hint) and am entering this next brief paragraph as a warning.


There, now that the warning has been given, please remember that this is a casual and relaxed event. The reason why we are gathering, is more than enough stress and tension, I want everyone to be comfortable. If we ever meet again to go to the opera I will have my tux on and we can collectively try and loosen our collars and read the subtitles(lol).

There has been mention by one of Heather's friend of starting a book donation drive for the library in her honor. Anyone that is coming next Saturday cares to bring in a book to donate there will be boxes to drop them in.

If you noticed I have only mentioned the "the library", but for those who are coming it is the Bon Air branch of the Chesterfield Library 9103 Rattle Snake Road. Again as mentioned in an earlier post, please no flowers per Heather's request, make a donation instead to an animal rescue, cancer research, or woman's shelter. Two of Heather's animal charities that she donated to was the ASPCA (with full police powers, oh how she loved to here that in the opening credits of Animal Precinct) or the Richmond SPCA (where we adopted Rogue and Neutron). If you care to make a donation at the service please do so by check and to the RSPCA, those I can drive to the shelter.

Now as far as getting all gussied up, and just who is this person Gussy that I presume the phrase came from, I took all three pooches to the vet yesterday to have their nails trimmed so anyone meeting them would not be raked by the claws of Cerberus. I also had my ears lowered, another expression I would like to know how it got started, and am happy to report that my bald spot has grown back in and back to its natural color.

For those of you who did not know, that while Heather was going through chemo and lost her hair, it was brought to my attention by Leah who cuts my hair that I had little smaller than a half dollar size patch on the back of my head where the hair had fallen out. (stressed induced alopecia, or possibly second hand chemo effects from fluids). I went home that day and told Heather that I was suffering from sympathy baldness. We both laughed at that. When I got my hair cut after Heather had passed, Leah told me that the patch was almost completely grown back but snow white (to be expected), and then yesterday it had filled in and back to regular color. Guess the boss wants me to look my best for her big day.

One last thing before I log today. I would like to send my congratulations to Heather's nephew Heath. Heath has visited us twice, and was here for last Thanksgiving after Heather had her original surgery. Heath will not be able to join us next weekend because tomorrow, I am very proud and Heather is, to say that in the morning Heath receives his commission in the United States Army, and later that afternoon graduates from the Merchant Marine Academy. SALUTE!

Have a great and wonderful father's day


Scott the pooches, rabbit and toad

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