Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Good Day For Celebrating

Today started by going to bed last night. I mounded the pillows on Heather's side of the bed and in the place where her stomach would have been. For the first time since she has left I fell asleep in what had been my usual position, 90 degree with my head on and arms around the pillows a I fell asleep on Heather night after night.

I woke up this morning around 5:45 and laid in bed with Jubie for awhile as Rogue lied in her dog bed. The first that I hummed happy birthday as I thought of her birthday's past. I rose, let out the girls then fed them breakfast and got dressed. I then set out to Starbucks to begin today's activities. The barista/manager that always has remembered my name was there, and she greeted me as always with her pleasant voice, "Hello Scott your drink today?" I choked as I responded by ordering a chai with banana bread and then my drink and pastry. She stopped and quizzically looked up at me and with eyes watering I choked out that Heather would have been 48 today. Her jaws clinched as she nodded and finished my order. I managed to hold back the tears from streaming as I walked out the door got in my car and came home. After I parked, I got out of the car with the banana bread and chai. I took the lid off of the chai and slung it through the garden and then tore the banana bread and threw it in the yard for the birds then went into the house upstairs and sang happy birthday to Heather.

I have not been feeling well the past few days so I decided to go to a "doc in a box" and found out that I have bronchitis and an inner ear infection which has put a damper on seeing a movie with my friend or by myself but let the rest of the day continue.

Why is it that when there is actually someone that you want to talk to that calls you are in the bathroom? Well again that happened today. It was Heather's dad, I called him back and we chatted a bit about Heather and the day. And why is it someone else always has the better ideas also? And during our conversation Williard let out "maybe some celebratory Italian is in order for today?" And here I was just thinking of chocolate cake with white frosting. Next I Called my folks and hearing the tears in my mothers voice as she asked how I was doing and how she had "talked" to Heather today and wished her a happy birthday. Now for the easy part of the ethics midterm (ha).

Printing off my notes, assignments, and previous quiz, I set the oven timer for 2 hours 30 minutes, then printed off a hard copy of the exam and the three hour race was on. Inspiration or preparedness but I completed the exam in less than 90 minutes and turned it in and scored 88. Not the best but beats the hell out of the 64 I scored on my quiz and was able to argue to a 76 now with a secure and strong upper B for the class I was satisfied with the day so far.

Now hunger began to set in and the words spoken by Williard bouncing around in my head. That right, the cake could wait and a call to Frank's it was. Eggplant, calamari, and tirimisu it was and twenty minutes later I had three of Heather's favorites sitting in front of me. For those of you who were here you know just how tasty it was (big full tummy smile to you all lol).

As I enter this post Doctor Who is on, and after that I will play a Harry Potter or X-Men movie. All in all it has been a good day for celebrating, wish you were here to enjoy it with me wifey, love you.


  1. Heathers Day. i so feel it in my heart. for some strange reason i could have had plans for the day but reliqusished them for my own private pity party with Heather invites. just a day spent in jammies, eating Jelly Bellys and sunflower seeds watching old movies. i have a candle lit for Heather today. I think of you life saving angel and yet pray so hard to understand our connection that lies so deep inside of me and realizing NO ONE will understand. i pray you help me with this. i need your help.. also need your help in finding my hiking boot that i where every year to Chester.
    Happy Birthday sweet angel....

  2. Happy birthday Heather! I love and miss you a little bit every single day! One day I will catch up with you, and give you the ass kicking you deserve for breaking your word to me! I wish you were here....I had some blueberry buckle this morning for breakfast in your honor....