Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three weeks and where to start

Sorry it has been so long since my last post for those of you that are still following. It ended up being the first Harry Potter movie that I watched on Heather's birthday, the three of us sat with popcorn and relaxed. Midterms went well thankfully.

Rogue has slowly made a complete recovery, so much so that when I get home at night she jumps up and bounces her front paws off of my belly. It makes me wonder just how long that toe had bothered her, and if it wasn't for Mary bringing it to my attention about her nail what could have happened. (Thank you again Mary.) It also makes you wonder just what all your dogs (pets) go through without complaint that we never know about. It seems as if they know that once we have acclimated as a pack we humans need them more than what they need us, and do whatever needs to be done to give us that comfort, no matter the cost to themselves.

I think of Gambit with that last comment. My big buddy that would annoy the crap out of Heather and I by getting in our faces giving us kisses or jumping in between us on the couch or on the bed to snuggle, or how he would start barking anytime Heather and and I would hug or snuggle and he wasn't involved. My big buddy that when Heather was sick, toned down and just snuggled her giving her love and comfort as she laid in the bed or sat on the couch as Jubie would guard them both. My big buddy who went through two major surgeries of his own to remove cancer kept bouncing back ahead of schedule. My big buddy that through all the years no matter how annoying, or obnoxious he could be did nothing but give his heart to us. Helped me through those first two months with his love just like the other two until his heart had nothing else to give and it was my time to repay him and let him go free that July night.

I truly believe that right now I can hear Heather's voice telling Gambit to get down, Spike to get out of the trash, and Spalding to leave the curtains alone. That would be heaven.

Work is crazy hardly leaving me with anytime to get done what I need to, let alone for myself or the pooches. The turn around at my location is almost complete and things should slowly come back to normal soon. It dawned on me today as I started laundry, that for the last few weeks laundry has primarily consisted of uniforms and underwear. (I need to make more free time lol).

I saw a commercial for the return of DWTS the other night and it got to me, for a couple reasons. If it wasn't for Heather, I wouldn't know or care what Dancing With The Stars was, and the other is that Heather passed on one of the final nights of the show. We came home that night after saying goodbye to her at the morgue doors, toasted her and watched the show.

Then the thought of a new TV season around the corner. It has already been a little rough when watching "True Blood" because that was one of Heather's shows that she couldn't wait to see after reading the book series, I still find myself looking to her side of the couch occasionally while I watch it. There will be many moments like that coming up I am sure each to be taken in stride I guess.

Twenty-one days and counting, 9-19-9, would have been our tenth wedding anniversary. A Saturday night to celebrate as long as there are no hurricanes in the region. But then again it would be appropriate I guess considering that we were married during Hurricane Floyd. Even though it really didn't do anything here it did have an affect on those trying to get here. Maybe a touch of Indian food will be in order for the night, finished off with a mango lase. (something else that would make Heather rub her tummy and go mmmmmm).

I took the girls to the vet yesterday to get there nails trimmed, and as usual they both had the girls working ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over how sweet they are (brats). And they were very pleased to see how Rogue has recovered from her toe removal. They did notice that Rogue's "dissolving" sutures had not dissolved yet so they had Dr. Tom come in and take a look. Snip snip, and gone Dr. Tom was in and the stitches were out. We chatted for a bit he asked how she was getting around and commented on how good she looked, then I treated the girls to a McDonald's hash brown on the way home.

Well I hear the dryer going off will write sooner next time.

Me and the crew

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