Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rogue-Date part 2.................A Year Ago and Today

First lets talk about Miss Rogue, I took her to see Dr.Szavik today to have her bandage removed and see how her foot is healing. Needless to say Rogue was not too cooperative once in the hospital to go to a room. But once we got her to get out of her hound dog hunker down she made everyone chuckle by going straight to the scale to be weighed. Come on now lets be honest, how many women go straight to the scale to get weighed lol (no offense intended). We went into the exam room, Rogue stepped on the hydraulic table and Dr. Gary lifted her up and with my arm around her neck as she panted, Dr. Gary took off her bandage. No swelling, no redness, no odor, things are looking really good. We still have not heard from the lab on the results of the biopsy from the toe that was removed but right now all is looking good. Though still limping, it has subsided some also i think mainly from having the bandage removed and more freedom to her ankle. She still needs to be leashed walked when going out but that is such a small thing to deal with in the grand scheme of the world right now. She has a happy puppy face on now with her head squared, and her ears blocked out and tongue hanging, just need time to take its course for her to heal completely and hope that the labs come back clean. YAY Rogue!

What were you doing a year ago today? Do you remember? August 1 2008, it was a Friday, we were getting ready for a new menu roll out at the restaurant that I was managing and I was joking with my morning staff on what I was going to get Heather for her birthday. There were serious suggestion, smart ass ones, ones that would make a sailor blush, and some just damn stupid. I was stumped had absolutely no idea what to get her, I had no idea how the next few days were going to turn out. That following Monday (8-4-8) I broke my foot and joked how it was at least something that she wouldn't expect. That led to two surgeries, almost 4 months out of work most without pay, to only find out Heather's diagnosis the week before returning. How things can happen and snow ball is amazing.

Here it is again August first, and again I am stumped on what I am going to do on Heather's birthday all for another reason. The thought has been in the back of my head for at least two weeks now. Sometimes I smile and think of what we had done in the past, other times I sit with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat just lost as to what to do. Heather would have turned 48 next Sunday, I would have joked about her closing in on senior status, maybe getting a cane or a walker for her. But at least she would have been her to joke with. I can still joke to myself that she will be one of if not the only member of AARP never to hit 50 (auto membership when I joined last year). Maybe I will buy two tickets and go and see Harry Potter finally.

I have completed what I think is the last major administrative issues since Heather's passing. I finally closed on the refinance of the house yesterday. After close to almost 3 months and too many glitches to go into I finally sat at a desk and signed on the dotted line. Even the closing had its own unique issues to boot. Not going into great detail but the ladies at the branch waited with me after close on a Friday night so that the I could still meet the notary bringing the paper work, and Ginger sat with me for moral support and to lock up after as I signed the documents. (thank you Ginger and ladies at BoA for all your help and support) I was relived because the ordeal was finally over, but depressed also. It was a little more than 9 years ago that Heather and I sat down, smiling and excited, to sign the paper work giving us this house and now I sat there signing my name and my name only on the document. I stared at each page with that thought in my mind as I signed them. It seemed as if so much pressure had been removed, yet I would gladly accept it all again if things were different.

Thank you all for your support

Scott, Jubilee, (three toe) Rogue, rabbit, toad, squirrels and chipmunk

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