Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Energy Plus

Wow, I'm feeling uper energetic today, and when I stopped by to get my Neulasta shot (yes, $3,700 worth in one syringe) I grabbed a copy of my labs, which I forgot to do yesterday. The great news is that my Hemoglobin is at 10.8. Normal range is 11 - 15, however by this time in my chemo cycle (Day 8) I am usually down to an 8.7, so the 10.8 proves the transfusion really helped and that I now have another week off to get that level up even further. Guess its time to start cooking in the cast-iron skillet and pounding down kale. I realize I'm probably hopped up on stearoids today. Since I'm now 100% off the Prednisone the only stearoids I get are during the three days after each chemo treatment, so I tried to take advantage by running a bunch of errands after work today.

Tonight I attend a free energy workshop that is being held at the cancer center. A bunch of local Energy workers (Reiki, TTouch, Healing Touch, etc.) get together and offer free sessions to cancer patients, and so I am taking advantage by attending this evening. I have Reiki II certification myself, but for some reason have not been giving myself very many treatments. I hope this helps me feel better and gets me back on track with helping myself in an easy way that I already have available to me.

I have found that I am doing a few things at a time but have not worked out a good schedule to get all the positive things (motivational tapes, visualizations, diet, exercise, affirmations, etc.) working together. My goal for the upcoming week is to get a schedule going that incorporates all the good things I can do for myself and work toward healing on all levels at once. The thing to remember is that I have done them all successfully before, I just need to do them all at the same time moving forward, and that the healing is the most important thing in my life right now. (That and getting the bathroom redone next week, anyway, I can't wait until that is done).

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