Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Make Up Day

So I was able to get in for chemo today, putting me back on schedule for my next appointment with the gyn/onc on 2/16. I waited until the clinic opened this morning and started calling right away, but didn't get an answer for a while. I finally called the overnight number and found that their phones were out of service at the cancer center, so I just decided to drive over to see if there were any cancellations. Since it was 16 degrees and icy and snowy out, I figured if I got there early enough I would have a pretty good shot of getting a spot, and it worked just like I planned. It was, in fact, very quiet over there, and I got right in to the lab and to a little private room for treatment.

Since the port is gone the standard procedure now involves getting labs drawn separately and then having an IV installed each time. This is by far my least favorite thing, especially on days like today when finding a vein is challenging and painful. I don't know if it's more me or if it hurts badly, but I seem to handle big pain better than little pain like IV insertion. I remember coming home from the hospital on day four after the hysterectomy and walking up the stairs fairly upright, but an IV throws me into a tizzy. Oh well, just a personal foible I guess. I do think the port is a great idea when its working, and I certainly would not be against getting one again, once the old site finally heals properly, but until then we are on the old school method of getting chemo.

I was quite surprised to find that the Taxotere was no issue at all through the vein, it's the Gemzar that burns a bit and required some massaging of the arm for comfort. The Taxotere has never been as bad as expected, so that was a pleasant surprise today, since it was my first Tax-by-vein experience.Of course the benadryl they give on Tax-day knocks me out when I get home, virtually guaranteeing a four-hour nap with the pooches. I woke up in time to feed them their dinner (not that I had a choice, mind you) but still feel a bit muzzy-headed this evening. I know what to take if I ever have trouble sleeping, I guess!

One quick laste note: guess who seems to have developed a bit of anticipatory nausea, after just blogging that she doesn't get it? Yes, me, and it's driving me nuts, since its so clearly in my head. I had a stomache-ache yesterday that went away when I realized I would not be getting teatment, and another one today until I got settled into the chemo suite. A bit frustrating, but at least I can work on my head myself and don't need to rely on the docs for that.

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