Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting Lax

It has come to my attention that I seem to be getting a bit lax about my blog, and I realize it's because I am trying to avoid whining or boring everyone about some of the same old things. I have been tired lately I admit, and that is truly part of my cancer experience, but writing about it gets tedious, as does reading about it, I'm sure. I will therefore try to talk about other things moving forward, things that might not directly pertain to cancer but are about life in general.

Today in Richmond we are essentially snowed in, with a good 6 inches plus of snow that the city is in no way equipped to handle. I was scheduled for chemo at 1 PM today, however when I arrived (my Minnesota driving experience comes in handy sometimes) I found that the cancer center was closed. I think, based on the appearance of the building, that it was due to a lack of power, since I read on the web that 114,000 people in Richmond are without power (fortunately not affecting us). I panicked for a few moments, worrying about how i was to get my treatment and concerned that I wouldn't keep getting better if I couldn't get treatment today, but settled down and realized it will be fine in the long run and I can just reschedule once they open back up tommorrow. After all I have already worked extra days and weeks into the chemo schedule with no harmful results.

I must confess it's nice to have a quiet day. Scott went to work and will be coming home early due to the weather, and I was already scheduled to be off work today for chemo so no one will miss me there (if they could make it in themselves, that is). I'm getting some additional reading done and will soon set about clearing off my desk, which is currently buried deep beneath who-knows-what. I actually have been feeling poorly the last couple of days, mostly in bed, but today I woke up feeling quite good and got lots of little chores done first thing. Gambit is still acting pup-like, and all the dogs are enjoying romping around in the snow. I am also stewing on some interesting philosophical thoughts but will wait to unveil those until later in the week when they are fully crystallized.

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