Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Port, Redux

I am leaving soon this morning to get a new port-a-cath, this time on the left side. I had a couple of issues over the last week, leaving me less than the picture of health, and my gyn/onc is adamant that I get the new port prior to my next chemo. I did have chemo yesterday, but she was tempted to postpone. Here's whats been happening:

1) I caught Scott's cold, which was mostly a chest cold, but took what little energy I was left with after my regular "chemo drain", causing me to miss almost the entire week of work last week. I hate missing work, especially just to sit around the house sleeping and not getting anything done to speak of.

2) During my last chemo (two weeks ago) I experienced an "infiltration" which, by days 8-12 after chemo caused basically a big chemical burn from the inside covering about 2/3 of my inner forearm. Apparently the IV hole was too big or something, allowing the chemo drugs to seep back into my arm and up along some other veins (very weird shaped markings, look like a strawberry birthmark). This no longer burns, but my doc was NOT happy, saying it could be very dangerous, and almost held chemo yesterday. As it was I asked her to allow it in the other arm since it was a Gemzar only day, although now I'm nervous about the bruise in my left hand from that treatment! I'm sure the right arm will be fine, but the skin on top is peeling now and it is less than attractive.

3) The old port site infection area on the right side was basically flat and almost gone last Tuesday, but Wednesday it came back with a vengence and is now swollen but not infected. I find that the moist heat helps and basically it needs to drain off the last of the necrotic fatty tissue, according to my doc. lovely, eh?

So, all that said the new port will go in today, and I am not excited at all. I'm trying to keep my chin up, but out of all I've had done so far the last port hurt worse than anything, even recovery from the hysterectomy, so I am just basically scared this morning. Fortunately for me Scott already had today scheduled to be off, so I have a ride and moral support, but I hate that every time he has time off he has to take care of me. I think he deserves a vacay all to himself soon.

In re: DWTS - I am really starting to root for Lil Kim, and I like that Gilles guy, mostly because I like Cheryl. We of course still root for Ty Murray because he's fun and we liked his bull riding show a couple years ago, plus he's cute as a button, and of course Woz gets some cheers as does David Allen Greer, but we haven't started dialing in yet. I'm disappointed in Belinda Carlisle, as I expected more personality out of her and much more confidence! I had really planned on liking her. Oh well, plenty of entertainment at any rate!


  1. Hi mrs. henge! tell the old man to keep his germs to himself.

  2. Sorry to hear you are still having so many issues. Miss you - Y

    ps - I am rooting for Melissa and Ty

  3. Ugh on the rest

    I love Gilles too, such a sexy Samba this week