Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sorry it has been awhile since my last post, work and school giving me a swift kick in each cheek. Until today I really did not have an update to give you on Rogue, but her is what I have found out since Saturday................

Saturday I took RoRo in to have her bandage changed, Dr. Tom's wife thought that it was best to leave her there over the weekend crated so they could let it air out.

Monday The pathology came back and Rogue does have cancer in that area. Per Dr. Tom, it is probably the best place to have it, localized and not on a weight bearing toe. Decision to leave rogue over night and have toe removed today. Precaution of having a chest x-ray taken to make sure nothing was hiding before having surgery.

3:15 Today, Dr. Szavick called surgery went great, Rogue is still groggy, and the CHEST X-RAY CAME BACK CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw Dr. Tom last night, I "jokingly" said enough is enough already, you have got to give me good news sooner or later. Well hopefully this means the girls and I are turning the corner and getting away from the dark clouds that seem to stay over our heads.

5:15 today signing off, going to the vet and as log as Rogue is alert enough to come home bringing her back with me. (Jubilee has been so lonely with her gone and when I need to leave the house, it is the only time in her life that she has been left totally alone, sure she is going to go crazy when I bring Rogue home).

Thank you all for your positive thoughts e-mails and prayers

Scott and Jubilee


  1. Scott,
    I'm SO relieved that Rogue's prognosis is good and that she'll be home tonight.... though I'm terribly sorry that she has to have a toe removed! Poor pup.... Gosh I really hope you and the girls get a break now Scott..... You deserve some peace and calm.... and a reprieve from cancer.

  2. I am so happy for Ro Ro and thankful to Dr. Tom and his wife and Dr.Szavick.
    I also want to tell Mary a bigggggggggg thank you for being there for Scott in all the help you have given him.

  3. Glad the news was fairly good and your gurlzzz will all be together with you. Y