Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

This post is a day or so late, but we have been super busy. And my hair is falling out. Alot. I had a bit of a breakdown on New Year's Eve, a real crying jag, feeeling sorry for myself, the "why me's" etc. I noticed in the middle that my hair was falling out, which set me off again. Scott was very understanding, holding me and comforting me, but I cried for quite awhile. I think everything just caught up with me.

No one tells you what the timeframe is for the hair loss, so I had no expectation at all that I would lose it so soon after my first chemo treatment. I wish there was a handbook of what was to come, not so much with treatment but with how your body reacts and what to expect, kind of a "What to Expect When You Have Cancer" book. Maybe thats a project for me...

As I said we've been busy! Scott built a huge built-in bookshelf unit in the living room awhile back, and I was supposed to paint it out so we could load all my books. Well, based on the cancer diagnosis I have obviously not yet done the painting, so my mom suggested that since I wouldn't most likely be able to use paint and deal with the fumes for at least several months we could just load it up and worry about painting it a section at a time later. We went ahead and did that, and it looks great! Of course since I still have a 10- pound carrying limit Scott and my mom had to carry all the books, so it worked out great for me! Seriously it looks great, allowed us to clear out the room where all the books were stored so I can make my craft room and makes the living room look far more finished.

Today we are going in search of headcoverings. I will start the morning with the clippers, since my hair is really patchy. It may as well all go rather than look so ratty at this point. The cancer center has a salon and will even give patients a free wig, however they are closed till the 8th, and I am bald now, so we need to find something that will work for me since I go back to work next Tuesday. I found several cute wig styles online, but you cannot return them. If they look bad once you get them home you're stuck, so I'd prefer someplace I can try them out. I hope we have some good luck and can find good looking or at least acceptable coverings. Wish me luck!

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