Thursday, January 8, 2009

Skin Cancer Update

I heard back from the dermatologist already about the biopsy he took last week, and it's good news. it's a tricoepitheloma (sp?) and is a benign cousin to the Basal Cell they were pretty sure it was, so not dangerous and very slow growing. He said they still prefer to remove them and he had actually already scheduled me for a Mohs procedure, where they shave very small portions out until they have removed only the bad and left as much good tissue as possible. He says the Mohs surgeons do better work than plastic surgeons due to the precision of the procedure and the number of times they do the same thing, as opposed to focusing on several different areas, like a plastic surgeon does, so I feel pretty good about it. I will have that done on Feb 13th, (yay, a face bandage for Valentines Day -not a big problem for me, though).

We also discussed reducing my Prednisone (taking it for the Pink Leopard rash) down even further to 10 mg. every other day. It seems to be working, however I forgot that the Prednisone is also giving me extra energy, so between not taking it today by design and forgetting my multi-vitamin, I was dragging a bit on my third day back at work. I'm still catching up with people around there, and it's so good to see everyone! Don't worry, I've been plenty busy with work too, and I'm a bit rusty on some things so it's a good thing I held onto all my notes.

It is quiet around here this afternoon with Neut gone, and sad, but the other dogs seem calmer already and it is definitely for the best overall for my situation and the sake of the household and of course for Neut himself. And that's the last timeI mention that sad subject.

On with the healing!

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