Thursday, January 22, 2009

Insult to Injury

So, I realize I'm the Pink Leopard is the name of the blog, and I know it's because of this allergy to the cancer, which has me in pink spots all over, but now I have broken out in a heat rash (new, different pink dots!) in the head, neck and chest area! Apparently this is from sweating at night, just to make sure it's really appealing, and covers my bald head, neck, sides of face and forehead and chest (pretty much only that area exposed by clothes, nothing really anywhere else, of course). Just when you think I couldn't get less attractive, yay, something happens to ensure I can!

Most of it is actually easily covered by the wig and a good turtleneck, and it is winter time, but still... When I put on my wig today it was a bit itchy, all due to these new spots. I have an appointment with the dermatologist Feb. 4th, so I think I'm going to wait rather than try to get in sooner. I am quite sure of what it is, basically a baby acne stuff, and I'm treating it accordingly, I just wish there were not new ways of getting less feminine on a somewhat regular basis. I'm also waiting for day 14 after my second round of taxotere (which is this Sunday) since that is when I lost my hair last time.... Maybe some of my baby fuzz that is growing back will fall out, or maybe my lashes and brows (what fun!). I already don't have to shave legs or underarms, so by the time I have hair again my "et ready" time will be less than half of what I was formerly spending. There is something to be said for having good hair, everyday, without having to make any effort or spend any time on it, but the pink spots I could live without.

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  1. Hi Pink, I've been following your blog and sending you my best wishes. I was hoping to see you tonight, I want to know more about that cup cake hat.

    You are an inspiration with your clever words and creativity. I wish I could think of something equally as inspirational. I can say that you are an amazing woman, talented and determined. You are winning this mountain you are climbing.

    Keep up the good work. I'll continue to watch. Thanks Sandra