Saturday, January 31, 2009

Second Opinion

Well, I finally have a date for the second CT scan - February 5th - after which I will be able to head on up to NYC for my second opinion at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. My gyn/onc had dinner with one of their sarcoma specialists at a conference last weekend and they spoke about my case, so I will see her in NY and the two are already collaborating. I feel that this gives me the best of both worlds, as I have two (more actually, since I'm so popular at tumor board) great minds working on getting me better, and they want to work together to determine when I should move on to my next surgery where the actual rest of the tumor wil be removed. They are not able to do so until the metastases in the lungs clear, but hopefully that good news will come on the 5th. We feel that the results have been quite positive based on outward signs, so the CT will give us some real answers.

I'm heading to Sloan Kettering on Thursday February 12th, which happens to be the same day my dad and step-mom fly into Richmond to visit me. I am just shooting up for the day, though, and will land back in Richmond by 6:50 PM. I really hate going to NYC and missing fun, but its just up and back in one day, sad to say, no Broadway, no great restaurants (although I may sneak into Candle, a good veg restaurant not too far from the hospital for lunch, if i can swing it time-wise). I still have a procedure planned to remove whatever that basal cell relative on my chin is on the 13th, so the next couple of weeks are going to be super busy.

This weekend's main thrust is getting those books for the contest out of my house, and my friend has been diligently helping me, for which I feel bad since there are SO MANY books! Then concentrating on getting ready for chemo Monday, and it looks like the port is back in action and good to go, so that should make life much easier than last week. more soon! PL

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