Monday, July 13, 2009


First I forgot to thank everyone that had sent emails to me regarding the loss of Gambit. For those of you who actually were "lucky" enough to meet him you know just what a character he was, and why he will be missed so much. For those of you who never had the opportunity to meet the big guy I hope that I have been able to show at least a tenth of how much a member of the family he was. Just like Jubilee and Rogue now, Spike Spalding and Neut before they transcend past animals and pets.

OK Michelle, here you go and for anyone else curious about the conviction confusion. My criminal back ground check came back dirty for the new job that I have. I found this out late Friday night, 4 days before leaving my previous position. There was no one to speak to about it over the weekend and to be honest it had me sweating bullets until Monday morning when I was able to talk to someone about it. As it turns out there is another person in another state with the same exact name, and same exact date of birth that has a felony conviction, and felony warrants out from a few years ago. Needless to say it was not me and after answering a few questions, everything was straightened out. Still it made for a sleepless weekend lol. There you go the short and hopefully not to boring story of my brief non-criminal career lol.

Have a great day all, find something that you enjoy and just do it!

Scott the girls, rabbit, toad and squirrels (yes back in force and almost took out Willard when he was here, should have had my batting helmet on lol)

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  1. Everything always happens Friday afternoon, doesn't it?! Too funny! What are the chances of that? Glad it all worked out and hope you love the new job!