Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Somebody was a Shutterbug!

Every good party has pictures here are a few..............................(more after I find them

Welcome! Please sign in.

Various pictures of Heather and a "few" of her certificates.

Welcome Banner

Fashion Spirit Board

Dreams Spirit Board along with our wedding album and Heather's baby and child albums

Heather's UCLA Para-legal certificate, production accountant certificate

Many of Heather's friends and family from work, home, and childhood. Dr. Tom,St. Francis in a smock, center in the maroon t-shirt.

***out of order***
My mother in front of Heather's shelf, Heather, our special champagn bottle, the thinker, and a few of Heather's favorite Egyptian pens

More of Heather's friends and family

let the party begin!!!

Tammy (LA), sister Jennifer, the uncanny X-Pooches and me

Nephew Ethan

(second Mom) Sharon, niece Hannah

Friends Yvonne (richmond) Tammy (LA)

Tammy (LA), Willard (dad) me, Rogue and Gambit, Jennifer

Becca (SF), UE (Ed, LA), Christen (Childhood friend), Bobby D (Yvonne's Husband and my bud), Kim (Utah, Barbara's friend)

Jennifer, Uncle Doug (San Diego)

Kim, Barbara (Heather's mom), Becca, UE

Bob and Christen

(if you came down this far its the least I can do, just dont choke while laughing)

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  1. jesus dude, the first image of you i ever see had to be with a blonde wig?