Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heather's Revenge..............Support...............Country Music

It has been a bit since the last post, a little time for reflection, taking care of unfinished business, and the thought of Heather's revenge.

We the pack have slowly adjusted to our new numbers, though smaller we will stay strong. The kids have almost adjusted like their father. Jubie and I still look for Gambit to come storming down the stairs to go out and have breakfast in the mornings. Jubilee still is a little hesitant about getting in the bed at night and sniffs for signs of the big guy when she does. I still reach over in the middle of the night thinking that I will but my arm around Heather or get a big wet slobbery kiss from the big guy. Reality sets in you sigh and go forward.

I had my appointment at the consignment store this past week to take some of Heather's clothes, shoes, and bags. It was very strange putting them in the car, another part of denial that had to be dealt with. the longer they were in the house the..................I think you can figure out the rest. The ladies at the shop remembered Heather and we talked about her, not her illness or death but her. It was great, almost like the celebration had rolled over to that day in the store. They were more than helpful with showing me the ropes, as simple as they are, to the extent of allowing me to leave the out of season items there until the proper time so I did not need to take them home only to bring them back again. (But the rats did put me to work by making me hang items on the top rack that they couldn't reach and one of them had taken their step stool home and forgot to bring it back lol).

Now as far as Heather's revenge, she always had joke that the women in the house were out numbered. At one time it was me, Spike, Spalding, and Gambit against Heather, Rogue, and Jubilee. Well Heather must be both laughing and crying because it me with the two girls, and her with the three boys.

It has been a hell of a first half to the year so far. This is not the type of change I was expecting after the election. To answer this type of situation sometimes sick warped humor is all one may have to get them through the day. To make light of disastrous times or situations is not done out of disrespect but more of a survival mechanism and unfortunately I have been digging very deep into the joke bag. Hmm lets recap the first six months or so shall we?

We gave away an overly energetic dog.

My wife and friend, your daughter, sister, friend and co-worker died.

I needed to sell a car.

Was rear ended the day I sold the car.

Have been mistaken for a convicted felon on my background check

And finally I had to put my big buddy down to spare him from suffering.

And people wonder why I hate country music? Mainly because I am living the greatest number one song of all time it just hasn't been written yet. How I wish someone would write and record the song so I could but the old joke to the test; play it backwards and you get everything back. but you know what, I don't need the car back.

please don't be disgusted, but I do hope it made you chuckle.

Just me and the girls

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  1. Now you do realize you have to tell us about the convicted felon thing now, right? :P