Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rogue has a boo boo

And the fun just keeps on going. Rogue has been licking her front left paw over the last few days. Mary noticed that it was swollen and left me a note on Friday. Yesterday morning I took her to see Dr. Gary, Dr. Tom's partner. It appeared as if she had managed to pull the nail sheath away from the quick, Dr. Gary ws not too happy with what he saw and decided that Rogue needed to have a little more attention than just a visit. The hospital is only open until 1pm on Saturdays, he said for me to leave Rogue with him and that either between appointments or after hours he would put Rogue under and work on her toe. He also told me that he would come back later in the afternoon check on her and give me a cal if she was ready to come home.

About an hour or so after leaving Rogue at the hospital Dr. Gary called and said that she was resting but he didn't like what he saw, and thought that there might be a possibility that she may have a tumor on her foot. He took a tissue biopsy and has sent it out for testing and should have the results in 10-14 days. He also said that if it was a tumor that there was a strong possibility that the toe would need to be removed.

About ten minutes after I had finished cutting the front yard Dr. gary called to let me know that rogue was up and alert and that I could come and pick her up. When I got there and Dr. Gary let me in we went back to get Ro Ro, and she damn near pulled my arm out of socket on the leash lol.

The pain meds have worn off today and she is a little more subdued and taking her antibiotics until we see the doc again on tuesday, and then the waiting game for the biopsy results. As if little miss non chalant could look any sadder with her classic hound dog face put a big white bandage on her paw lol. Please keep your fingers crossed for the girl, and how many more months left in this damn year?

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  1. Scott,
    I'm going to start looking around your yard to make sure that there isn't a voodoo doll hiding there somewhere! I mean REALLY! Karma, black cloud, bad run of luck, what's up?! Leave me a note so I know if RoRo needs meds during the day.... MAry