Friday, December 26, 2008

Chasing Goldilocks

After feeling horrible for a couple of days I was back on my feet yesterday, and had a "Goldilocks" moment in the late evening. Everything was just right! I had had a great day with Scott and the dogs before climbing into a clean set of sheets with a freshly washed comforter. I was clean and cozy, not hungry, not thirsty, not cold, not hot, just perfect. Snuggling under the covers felt like the very best thing ever! I love moments like those. Even things you normally worry about are either marked on a list so you don't have to think of them or not pressing enough to invade your thoughts. You can take a deep breath and just relax 100%.

I think trying to have moments like that is a worthwhile pursuit, however trying too hard can actually have the opposite effect and chase them away. If you try too hard for things to be perfection it seems that there will always be something lacking. They just come naturally. Like having the perfect hour with the perfect friend at the perfect bookstore...for that moment. Trying to re-create it may never work, you just have to enjoy it as it comes.

And not working at other things and having only great moments will leave no room to appreciate them. Like being the Cheshire Cat you may just become a big grin. Having some adversity makes the great moments even better, so while I'm not glad I was sick, I was certainly glad to enjoy my moment of glory last night, even though it was just for me.

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