Friday, December 19, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing (to coin a phrase)

Well, yesterday was a lot of worry over nothing. I had NO reaction to the new drug at all, so it looks like its a go for me. I feel silly for worrying. It seems that when they make a big deal over something it turns out to be easy, but when they tell me something is simple (the port catheter comes to mind) it hurts like &@*$%. I did have very low potassium and hemoglobin levels yesterday, so had to get a special shot to help build red blood cells (again, told me it would really sting, but no biggie at all).

Today I go back to get another shot, this one is to encourage my blood marrow to produce more white blood cells to help fight infections. I have to wait 24 hours after last chemo to get it, but I should be able to just run up and out in a few minutes. The very best news is that next week in my cycle is NO CHEMO! I get Christmas week off to give my body a chance to regroup, and it's great to think I have no doctor's appointment till New Year's Eve (and thats just the dermatologist).

I will be turning my attention to day-to-day and coping stuff next week, figuring out good dietary changes (many of which I've already started, more on that tommorrow) exercise (got signed off on walking by my surgeon today) and alternative and complementary therapies, vitamins, etc. Any readers who have suggestions, recipes or ideas are encouraged to write, either by commenting on the blog or via my e-mail at By the way the e-mail address is no reflection on my relationship, but rather a character I created a few years ago for a role-playing game ;-)

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