Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scheduling Surgery

I went back to see Dr. O after she had time to review the results, and was met by the news that I definitely had to have a hysterectomy to remove the huge fibroids and misshapen uterus but my pituitary was fine and no brain surgery would be required. She also said it seemed that at least one of my ovaries was viable and she was going to do her best to save both. Yippee! She was still puzzled by the lactation though, since no uterine diseases typically cause that symptom. She decided we would treat what we could see and come back to attack the lactation issue later. I was scheduled for surgery later that week, November 20th, since she was so concerned about the growth and my increasing pain. She definitely didn't want to wait until after Thanksgiving, and for that I was was very thankful, especially by that time. During this ordeal Scott was attending every appointment. To add insult to injury, he had broken his foot in August and was finishing up a rehab period where he was unable to work due to doctor concerns. Not a good thing for our little family in general, but I am so grateful I had him with me through all of this. I cannot imagine being on my own in all of these appointments, especially with my imagination.

On a side note, he suggested we take a short-cut through the cancer center on the way to my first appointment with Dr. O, but I superstitiously told him no matter how cold it was outside I wouldn't walk in there until I had to...

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