Monday, May 11, 2009


That's right its Monday night, another night of stars kicking high. It was interesting watching the beginning with the couples were reminiscing on their past performances, I took a look over at Heather's side of the couch and just smiled and chuckled. Can't wait for the results tomorrow after last week who the hell knows what is going to happen????

I woke up this morning after yesterday's melt down, which might have been long over due and sure to happen again, and came to an amazing realization that stunned me and put a smile on my face. With everything that I was feeling, there were two items that I wasn't feeling.

Unloved and abandoned never crossed my mind.

Nuff said..............have a good night

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  1. oh Scott, you ARE loved... Heather would have sold her soul ten times over to stay with you and the pooches... and although you know that, don't be too hard on yourself; I think it is human nature to viscerally feel abandoned when one we love is no longer around... for whatever reason. There is always someone else in the world going through something more horrendous than we can ever imagine, but it does not minimize our own loss... and you should never have to curtail or feel guilty about the depths of your pain and grieving. I know that after my miscarriage I had to go down to some pretty dark, ugly places and roll around in the mud of self pity before I could stand back up on shaky legs and begin to heal.... and it's a lie that "time heals all wounds".... I think that we just learn to live more functionally with the pain, and the sharp edge dulls a bit..... Mary