Monday, May 4, 2009


That's right I said Monday. Back to work 12 hours of distractions before coming home. Sunday seemed to last tooooooooo long.

Sunday was another first, my first day off since going back to work, my first day home alone with no family in town, the first day in a house with out Heather. But we used the day positively.
When I took Rogue to the vet I spoke to him about Gambit and his obvious depression, his suggestion was to make alone time for us both so I did. We started the day off with a short walk (much to the voicerous disapproval of Rogue and Jubilee), maybe a half mile, but it was cut short due to rain. Still I think that it was very therapeutic for us both, Gambit tried to pull my shoulder out of socket as I tried to keep him close on the leash. When we got home I saw a bit of the spark that was missing from Gambit and it is continuing tonight! He's playing with Precious (his ball) and a lift in his step. Thanks again Dr. Tom!. Also last night I migrated to the center of the bed when I fell asleep, and woke mainly on Heather's side with my arm hanging over the side.

Like Heather said when her hair first started to thin,"Someone should right a book on what and when to expect s--t!" And I couldn't agree more. Right now it seems that there is at least one if not many firsts in a day damn it. What are you suppose to do or how are to suppose to react?

"Stop being such a damn drama queen husby, tell them about the movie!" Yeea Yea Yea.........
One of the things that Heather and I did on Sunday's was to watch recorded shows on the DVR or series that we had on DVD. One show that we really on disk was "Dead Like Me" a light comedy about grim reapers (yes and the show did work lol). We never looked at the "pay" movies on In Demand, but last night, (like a kid when the parents are out of town) I thought that I would, and to my, whatever, I found "Dead Like Me" a movie sequel to the series. Probably shouldn't have ordered the movie, but it seemed like the perfect way to end the day. Maybe that's why I woke up on her side of the bed this morning.

Now getting back to Monday. It's DWTS night that's right, and tomorrow night "Dance Center" returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that Heather would be very very happy with how the show has gone so far and would agree with the five on tonight (omg Ty just finished the Rumba yi yi yi!?!?!?!)
That being said, I agree that based on talent, Ty as much as I like him its his turn to go.

And the judges scores for Monday are.....................

Rogue....10! Jubilee.........10! Gambit..........10!! WOOF WOOF WOOF


  1. Scott - I could not agree more with DTWS. I love Ty, but it is his turn this week. I am proud of him for making it this far. Yvonne

  2. I too thought about Heather last night watching DWTS. As I watched Ty trying to swivel his hips, I couldn't help but think how Heather would still say he was cute as a button, lol.