Saturday, May 2, 2009

Puppy Love.

What a difference a little sleep, ranting, and a sunny day can make. Last night it was fairly difficult to slip under the changed sheets, but it may have been more of a major step than I thought. We woke up about 6:30, let the dogs out breakfast, almost becoming a normal routine again. After, it was time for me to get back to bed for a little more shut eye (wrong). To my surprise, all three dogs jumped into the bed with me for a little puppy love fest. It was much needed for all of us, playing and rough housing in the bed for the short time that we did. Hell of a way to raise ones spirits, chuckling fighting off three wet loving tongues (lol). That gave me motivation and a realization that either I can backslide into a slug, or kick myself in the pants and move forward. I would be a fool to think that the worst is over, hardly. And I am also resigned to the fact that there will be zingers that come from nowhere that will drive me down through the floor. But today, right now, it is a good day. So good that I actually went to the gym (surprised that I didn't see Heather's urn on the floor when I got home from the shock). Heather never gave up and neither will I, she always wanted the best for herself, us, and me. In other words, I'm not giving up either.

Have a great day and just appreciate it for what it is.

Scott and the X-Pooches (wish I could find a way that they could gross 90 million over a weekend like Wolverine lol)

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  1. this made me smile.. and wish I had dog