Thursday, May 14, 2009

The First Month

One month ago today (4-14-9) at this time, I was on the 8th floor room 458 at MCV. I was sitting with Heather's mother, and my father and mother as we talked about Heather as she lay in her bed appearing to be peacefully asleep, it was just a little over 5 hours since she passed. The conversation...........when to tell the staff that we were ready to let Heather go and continue her journey. One month ago today.

Its been one hell of a run since then. Filled with tears and laughter, love, support, guilt, anger, hell might as well throw in the kitchen sink while your at it. But the one constant was that Heather had physically left us. Reminders of her surround us-me, her presence is constantly felt and yes her guiding hand is felt and taken firmly. I have heard from so many that I didn't know from Heather's past and from those who neither one of us knew but have anonymously followed her blog and found strength, comfort and inspiration in her words, hell who wouldn't.

I have had good days and bad, moments of laughter and then total meltdowns (mothers day). Administrative responsibilities seem to be unending, I know I am getting assistance I couldn't have done half of what I did so far without it. Heather has played pranks on me while also scaring the hell out of me. Starting yesterday, Gambit had his surgery. The call that I was looking forward to and dreading, which I was leaning more towards I don't know, came about 2:30 pm. Dr. Tom was on the other ........................and Gambit was fine. He came through surgery well and was drugged up but doing great, but Dr. Tom wanted him to stay over night due to the amount of drainage tubes he had which was music to my ears. After work I went to Bon Air Animal Hospital and spent about a half hour with my big buddy while he was in his pin. His chest shaved and orange with the dye of the surgical scrub, and tubes coming out of his chest in the appearance of straws that a first grader would use in an art project gone awry. I left with a feeling of the weight of the world off of my shoulders. I slept well last night.

I think that she did both today. The day started off with finding out that my sister-in-law was involved in an accident up in DC after dropping my niece and nephew off at school. Minor damage and Sue was safe and well. Next I took my Monte Carlo to get detailed and then to Carmax for a quote (the reality of the situation hits in many facets, like the need for only one vehicle). I then came home and cleaned out Neutron's old crate for Gambit who will need to have his movement restricted while I am at work. I snuck a cheeseburger in my pocket and went to go get my big buddy. Still a little groggy, yet zeroed in on the cheeseburger in my pocket like a patriot missile lol. How I felt bringing him home is something that I can't put in words. My parents stopped by and are spending the night before heading back to Florida. Its sad seeing the big guy the way he is while on his road to recovery, but we know he should be fine. My father and I headed off to Carmax to seal the deal, dad was driving the Vibe (heathers car) to bring me home. After we left Carmax next to the DMV where we turned in my plates (good time to sell the car both the plates and inspection where due this month), then to the bank and deposit the check and then.............................................................BOOM !!!!!!!!!!

Dad and I were stopped with traffic as we heard tires squealing then we lurched forward. You guessed it, I got rear ended. Thankfully dad and I are just a sore and stiff at the moment and hardly if any visible damage to the Vibe other than a puncture to the bumper, we will see what shows when I get it checked out.

How appropriate to end the first month.....................with a bang.

Love you miss you wifey, thanks for watching over Gambit, dad and I.

Have a great night all

Scott and ALL the X-pooches


  1. Hurray for Gambit!!!! So happy to hear that :) I hope you two don't have any injuries after your accident. Can't believe it's a month. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Scott - it was great to see you last night. I wish it could have been longer, but at least it was some time. Glad you and dad were ok after the BOOM. Your parents are the BOMB!!!! Call us when you can meet for din next week. Yvonne

    ps - your are stronger than you think and after a month I would say you are doing pretty well.

  3. So great to hear about Gambit! Hugs to all,