Friday, May 8, 2009

Say a Prayer For Gambit

As Heather had mentioned, Gambit had a sarcoma removed earlier this year. I believe in one of her last posts she mentioned that it was starting to grow back. Due to the circumstances we were unable to take care of it then, nor as I am embarassed to say have I had the time to address it of late. It has grown to the size that it was previouly, I took Gambit to see Dr. Tom today, and we will have it removed next week. As I told Dr. Tom, I am willing to give it another shot if he is. His reply was yes lets get it done but we also need to be realistic. Dr. Tom is a great guy, St. Francis in a smock lol. So send your prayers and thoughts for Gambit next week please.
I dont think I could close another pair of eyes yet.



  1. Oh Scott, I am so sorry. My family, which includes our dogs Willy and Lilly, and of course our cat Billie (wasn't planned that way, the shelter gave the dogs their names and of course our kids wouldn't let us change them.. :-))will definitely be praying for Gambit!


  2. Scott,
    He was perky tonight, so I think that he still has enough sandwich-stealing left in him to make it through. We'll just have to get him enough exercise so he'll be tired and sleep instead of work on his drainage tube..... lots of car rides, maybe some walks at Stony Point, lots of snuggles and lovin'..... Mary