Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Licks and Wags and the little things

Morning all, the latest Gambit update. Gambi saw Dr. Tom today and had his staples and stitches removed. He is very impressed with his recovery considering the extent of his surgery. He is back to pesky puppy mode and trying to steal your food off of the table. He is also a big flirt, trying to cozzie up to young lady as we were leaving and a gain as we were getting in the car. Think he is feeling better? That's my Gambi!

Again I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who have shown and given your support, some say that I am brave, or cant understand how I am progressing with the items that I have done so far. It is because of you that I can, mainly by just letting me voice my thoughts here. I really appreciate getting together with some of you especially over this past weekend. Though a little awkward, much needed. Thank you for the outings, hugs, and conversations was a great time. I actually learned how to play dominoes (lol). (btw Y who do I owe $5.00 from the 600?)

Yea Helio, another trophy to put next to your DWTS mirror ball.

And yes the little things, insignificant in the past but with so much meaning now........
Chocky Milk
Songs on the radio we played Guitar Hero to
Coming across a beat up recipe that will never taste the same if i make it
Cooking a pot of pasta

Vanity plate is a thing of the past................
Heather had a vanity plate that was cute and quirky. She came up with it because of her love of supernatural romance novels especially dealing with vampires. She was diagnosed shortly after putting the plates on her car, and died basically of what the plate was defined by. I have a nurse and her husband that are regulars where I work and she stopped once before and asked about the plate but I didn't have time to talk. She stopped me again last week and asked what was with the plate, I told her the whole story. I didn't mean to but I think I might have ruined her dinner, she was very understanding when I told her I was going to return the plates for another set. just something about seeing that on the car every time that I went to it. The plates are gone, one is with the state and the other is with Heather's belongings that I am keeping. I know that there is at least one out there that is probably as glad as I am to be done with the plates.

Thanks again for letting me rant

Scott and the pooches


  1. Yes- good riddance to the license plate!

  2. I'm so relieved to hear of your gambits fine recovery :)
    ..and Scott.. keep 'ranting'
    I can't help but wonder at the synchronicity of how Heather's blog has become yours, together.
    I find it quite remarkable that it first helped Heather..and now it helps You

    pretty awesome :)

  3. glad you came over and learned dominoes. We had fun with you and hope to see more of you. 5 goes to CJ - rookie luck :). We'll be around this weekend if you wanna visit. Yvonne

  4. So good to hear about Gambit! Keep up the blog, it really is wonderful.