Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Starts Today!

OK so i am a little early but what the heck. Here I sit all sweaty from cutting the grass trying to beat the rain waiting for summer to start in approximately an hour or so. OK you ask yourself what the heck is this loon talking about doesn't he know that its almost a month away? Well yea sure the "official" start of summer is but not for me. This is something that "Da Wife" was always very patient, and understanding about "Da Husband".

Some of you know and others don't that I grew up in Indiana. This is Memorial Day Sunday, also the day of the "Greatest Spectacle in Auto Racing" the Indianapolis 500. As a kid "this" was auto racing, no Formula One, NASCAR, or other, there was only the 500.

Part of the ceremonies of the race are the parade, the drinking of the milk by the winner (go Helio), the fly over, and "Back Home Again In Indiana" sung by Jim Neighbors. For me, to this day, once Pvt. Pile bellows out the lyrics, my heart quickens, I get a smile, and I know that summer is here.

Call it quirky or whatever, but no matter what the conditions sun, rain, 10 inches of snow, on Memorial Day Sunday, once Jim Neighbors takes the stage and I hear "Back Home Again in Indiana" summer has begun. lets make it a great one filled with fun friends and family!


Very rarely do I ever get on a soap box but today is one of those days. Please remember the true meaning of today. No matter what your beliefs or politics there is on true fact; the freedoms that we have today to either praise or bitch, were gained and maintained by the men, women, and children (revolutionary, 1812, civil, etc) who answered a call willingly or not to serve this country we live in. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice, others physical that can be seen, and most emotional that cannot. But they have all sacrificed for us. They need to be Respected, Remembered, and Honored in my opinion. So while we have fun this holiday weekend, tip your beer, soda, water or just take a moment and say Thank You!


  1. Nicely said...have a great one!


  2. Glad we could be with you yesterday and share your official first day of summer. It was great to see you. Y