Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jubie's summer guests.............paid assasins..............still helping me get dressed

Ok really quick and in order (running late for work today)

Jubie has summer "guests", that come and visit. Now if they are the same year in and year out I do not know. One is a little toad, not surprised to see it out and about as much rain as we have had. Jubiee after 4 years doesn't know what to make of it except to go over and sniff. Her other guest "Alvin" drives her crazy at times. It is a chipmunk that spends time in many areas just out of reach of JuJu. The downspout from the gutters, stacked Blueridge Slate on the side of the house and loves to run back and forth from the slate to the vacant lot (which is a slave/servant cemetery from what we were told) on the "safe side" of the fence I think just to get her worked up. I believe that this is Alvin's third year if not more.

"Paid Assassins"...........After we first moved into the house when working in the back yard I almost got conked on the head by a dropped hickory nut from a squirrel. I accused Heather of trying to kill me and paying the squirrels to do it so she would have an alibi. Well, I guess the contract is still out, while cutting the backyard last week the same thing happened again. I'm going to get you wifey and make you pay.

"Helping me get Dressed" ...................there are a few unresolved issues that need to be addressed in person, one was last week and required a suit. Now I will say that I do look pretty damn good in a suit (cough cough), but just not comfortable in them (another reason for every one to be casual at the celebration). But there I was dressed and needing to decide which shoes to wear, (AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH wifey what the hell did you do to me, I am deciding on shoes!?!?!?!?!?!?!) it was between black cap toes or black wing tips. I decided on the cap toes, evidently this didn't meet with her royal fashonista's approval. As I went to pull up and tighten on the strings of the the first that I put on, both strings snapped off in my fingers. Well OK then I guess it will be the wing tips lol. Thanks wifey probably did look better.

That's all on this fabulous sunny Sunday afternoon in Richmond Va, its off to work for me now.

Have a great week, and less we forget

BALD POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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