Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Day Another Step

Today I have taken another small step. Laundry, what used to create "discussions" now a solitary act. Not that I haven't done laundry in the past week and a half, but I have not done anything with Heather's clean laundry that was still in the basket or hanging on the rod waiting to come upstairs. I am not yet ready to go through Heather's drawers or closet yet but I came to the decision that I did not need to bring up her clothes. Ten minutes seemed to last an eternity as I went through the basket folding and taking off hangers Heather's clothes. There are articles that I am indeed keeping (though I am under strict command no shrine by the brat herself) others I have folded and bagged to give to someone else that can use them.............but not today. I may have bagged them but I am still not ready to release them. And this is just Heather's laundry. Another day, another step, a step with a stone in my shoe.


  1. Dear Scott,
    I have been reading your blog posts and am amazed at the courage with which you are facing challenge after challenge as you tread the path you have been given. You are an inspiration to us all and I, for one, thank you for sharing it so openly with us. None of this is easy. None of Heather's journey was easy. But both of you faced them bravely and with grace. Thank you for continuing with Heather's legacy.
    Love, Barbara

  2. Hey buddy - when (and only when) you feel you are ready, I am offering my help if you should so need it (if not, I totally understand). Miss you - Yvonne