Saturday, April 25, 2009


When Heather was first admitted to the hospital the last time, they needed to cut off her wedding ring due to how swollen her left side had become due to the clots. With tears in her she broke the news to me when I saw her that first night. After her passing I found her ring in her purse, cut and misshappen from when they removed it from her. I decided that the only fitting thing to do was to have her ring re-shaped and interlocked with mine and welded closed so to be forever together. Two links of a chain bound together.

All that I wanted was for them to be connected, no polishing, buffing, or scratch removal. Nothing to to take away the almost ten years of wear and tear. After being told that it could not be done by a store starting with "J", a salesperson by the name of Anita, at a a store starting with "F" was more than willing to meet my task. No buffing, no grinding, no polishing, no removing of the years of nicks and scratches that did not take away from the rings lustre or meaning, just like every day that we were together bright and full of meaning yet still having bumps and dings along the way.

Last night, we were able to pick up the rings, now interlocked they looked the same as they did prior to that day. The jeweler did such a wonderful job and was able to do the weld with minute alteration to the inscription inside. Thank you again Anita, and the wonderful people at "F".

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! The bathroom is finished, and it even has a Jacuzzi..................toilet not tub (LOL laugh out loud there mom happy?) Either tightened the base to tight or I need to lose some weight but the based to the old toilet snapped. Heather still was able to "agree" with me on that statement as I cut my finger on the broken porcelain (thanks wifey sheesh). I think that Heather is smiling down happy with the end product. And yes Mama Wawa, we did good on the color selection for the paint. And yes spy, I will be sending pics shortly.

Memorial Service.........With everything that is involved in dealing with the passing of someone, sometimes the emotionally most important are the ones that keep getting rescheduled to do. I have been neglectful in getting with the library on a date, or maybe deep down I just don't want to admit that its needed, and there is still that chance of her still being here. I will make contact Monday with them and work out a date.

Please stay in touch...............I am finding out so much about Heather from those who knew her before I did. You make me laugh and cry. I enjoy writing back and forth with you and hope that it continues.

Still having an impact on others...............Just when I feel that I am being selfish in continuing to post on Heather's blog, I will receive an e-mail from someone telling how much her words mean to them and the impact they have on their live. The same happened yesterday as my father and I had completed the bathroom, I was checking my e-mail as dad was getting ready to go back to the hotel. There was an e-mail that I opened that had tears cascading down my face from someone who had never met Heather, but received strength in her words. I had my father sit down next to me and read the letter and for the first time in years I saw this strong man wipe a tear from his eyes. He looked at me and told me that this is Heather's legacy.

Jubilee wins over more and more..................Yesterday was payday, I was at a good stopping point on the bathroom and dad was putting together the vanity as I decided to go and get my check. I told my dad and walked toward the door. When I got to the door Jubilee (or Jubie) was there tail wagging looking up wanting to come. Very strange for Jubie to approach the door this way, so what the heck the other dogs were in the other room and couldn't see me put Jubie's harness on her so why not. Jubie and I got in the4 car and took the 30 minute drive to work. When there I went in picked up my check, thanked everyone for all that they had done for me got a bowl of water to take out to the car. Getting to the car I opened Jubie's door took the leash and was going to take her for a walk before heading home. Everyone loved her some came out while others looked and talked out of the window. Could there ever be any doubt? She has you hook line and sinker withing 30 seconds of meeting her. For her showing you her tummy IS NOT a sign of submission rather the nectar that a spider puts on her web, once you reach and touch it your stuck by her lethal seduction.

For those of you who do not know it is Jubilee's baby picture at 6 weeks from the city pound that Heather uses as her avatar, and she has only become more adorable since. If someone out there knows how to attach pictures to the3 blog I would appreciate an e-mail so you could see the kids.

Alone by choice.................I know this is a weird subtitle but please hear me out. Last night I had dinner with my parents, and afterwards we picked up the rings. As we were leaving the store making plans it seemed best for me to just go home and begin "appreciating" alone time with the pooches. I think that the pooches and I both needed some non-excitement down time other than saying goodnight to someone leaving then going to bed. I got home let them out then we sat in the living room watching TV, Jubilee laying her head on my thigh, Rogue snoring on the love seat, and good old Gambit the fidgeting pacer trying to steal pizza crust off of the counter. It was the first time that I saw what lies ahead. It will take some getting used to, correction a lot of getting used to. I have yet found the courage to change the sheets as much as I know that I need too just to give you an idea.

I had dosed off watching TV, when I woke around midnight I looked at all of the kids as they to were asleep also. For some reason as I looked at them, I decided not to call "Bedtime everybody!" Rather I let them sleep as I walked up the stairs to face an empty bedroom with no Heather and no dogs, just me, for the first time since Heather passed. As I turned out the lights it was a matter of minutes that I heard Jubilee's little feet coming up the steps, jump in the bed give me a kiss, and do her little pig grunt as she nuzzled in next to me. Gambit was next about an hour later barking to wake me to let him out before he came and joined us, and Rogue......she was just too darn comfortable where she was (lol) . All in due time I am at the baby step phase I think.

I think that I stomp a big enough carbon footprint for today.



  1. I am so glad you were able to do something with the rings Scott. When Heather told me Sunday that they had to cut them off, she was so upset. I love that you were able to join them and will be able to keep that part of her with you always.

  2. Scott, please keep going with the blog as long as you can! I am checking it everyday to what else you are willing to share! I so enjoyed chatting with you the other nite. I think it took me back to 1997 when I got pulled into a conversation with the two of you and I was hooked! I am kicking myself every day for not getting back there at some point, but your words give me some comfort....
    Oregon H