Saturday, April 18, 2009

Heather is Still Being A Prankster, and Smiling About It!

First I do not want to offend anyone, but it was Heather's wish to be cremated. The thought of of being buried drove her crazy. She wanted to be able to always be at home with me and the dogs even in her passing. We had so many plans to travel that we were not able to do, she wanted us to go to England, India, and Italy to name a few. Now if the oppertunity ever arises I will be able to take her with me and leave part of her there to inspire someone that may pass by as she did while she was with us.

(slaps self across the face lol) "Enough Husby get to the good stuff!" And that I will. Yesterday her mother, my parents, brother, and I went to make the arrangements for Heather's creamation. We were able to view her, and I swear the expression on her face was saying, "ok already lets get going and stop daudling its cold in here and I want to get warm!" And for those of you who actually knew her can understand that statement. For those who do not know the process, unlike a funeral home you are not allowed physical contact when viewing.

After the arrangements had been made, I asked Jessica who was working with us, if there was anyway that I would be able to give her one last kiss. (Jessica you were ever so wonderful for the way that you helped us through the process I cannot thank you enough). She was able to allow me go back to her. As I leaned over her I saw her at peace for the first time in a great while. I was able to hold her, rub my stubble on her forehead (stop sanding me husby!), kiss her lips, nose and forehead. I talked to her, cried, cursed, and laughed. I told her how muched I loved her and rested my head on here tummy the way that I would do while we were in bed. When the time came that I needed to go I looked on her face and could swear that there was that little smile that she always had when something made her happy. At that moment I knew it was time for me to leave. I went back to the lobby where her mother and my family were waiting, my mother asked if I was ok. Without hesitation I through both arms in the air with thumbs up (that used to irritate her) and laughed as I told them all that she smiled at me. True or not that is how I will remember the last time that I saw Heather's face.

(feels a slap to the back of the head-tell them about the pranks!) There were a few restaurants that Heather truely enjoyed, two of which one is Mexican and another is Italian. My parents and brother are staying at a hotel that is within walking distance to the Mexican restaurant that she liked. When we got to the doors, we found that the place had closed in January, (I told you I wanted Frank's in the first place) So off to the Italian restauarant it was (prank number one).

(prank number two) There were so many projects that are unfinished around the house that she wanted to see completed and I promise that I will get them done as I can. One of which is painting the main bath and putting crown molding in the living room. After lunch her mother my father and brother went to Lowes to get what we needed. We got the molding and her mom picked out several paint chips and back to the house so I could take her mom to the airport. After deciding on the color, it was time for her mother to say her goodbyes and off to the airport it was. The trip out was uneventful, I dropped Heather's mom off, and started back home. Within minutes Heather's mom was calling saying that her flight was delayed and she would be leaving tomorrow and if I could come and pick her back up. In other words I feel that Heather was making sure that we not only picked out the color but went and got it too! LOL That's my wifey.

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  1. I don't know Heather and happened upon your words and her blog and I truly want to tell you that my thoughts and prayers are with you and I believe she indeed smiled at you. May she watch over you and her family through your healing in grief and thereafter. Death is merely the gateway to the arms of the Lord. Prayers always.