Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forever the Fashionista!!!!!!!

That's right here is a second entry on the same day don't fall over!

I need your assitance. It was my intent that as Heather's condition improved I would nominate, and submit an application for Heather to TLC's "What Not To Wear". The purpose for this, was to help build her self esteem and confidence due to how her illness had affected her appearance (loss of hair, the dark circles around her eyes etc.). For some of you, unfortuntely, you know all to well what I am talking about, and I want you to always remember this, YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!

Unfortunately I was unable to do this for her. Instead last week, I submitted an application to TLC in her memory, I told them of Heather's story and added a link to her blog in her application. As I stated in the application, though I was not able to nominate her, in her memory if they would somehow select a fighter (never a victim!) either currently undergoing treatment, or in remission and treat them to help rebuild the confidence that the illness erodes.

I am pasting the body of the application and a link to submit an application. If you see fit, please flood them with applications and ask anyone that you know to do the same. Show them that there is "BALD POWER!". I know this sounds like the rants of madman and maybe it is. But I know, and have lived with the effects that this ailment can have on the fighter and that they are every bit as much deserving as anyone that has been on the show. Maybe if there are enough madmen (persons......ah women whatever) that push for Heather's application maybe just maybe someone can get that little boost that is needed. Below you will find the body and the link.

Richmond Virginia, in memory of Heather A Brown


My name is Scott Brown, my wife Heather was an avid fan of your show going back to pre-Clinton. We would watch you show laugh, cry, and just be dumbfounded sometimes lol. My wife was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer the week after Thanksgiving, unfortunately when found it was already at stage 4. This did not get her spirits down except for her appearance. She was always a robust woman, a BBW model in her early life before I met her. I originally had planned to nominate her as her disease was showing signs of submission to help build her self esteem if selected, unfortunately Nick could take the day off unless he had some good wig care tips lol, and especially the make up tips to help hide the visual signs that the disease showed on her face especially the eyes. My wife had the most beautiful eyes.

As you can tell by the subject line this is an application in memory. My wife lost her fight last Tuesday night (4-14-9) just five months after finding out that she was ill at the age of 47 (8-9-61 to 4-14-9). She was a very strong woman, and after being diagnosed, started a blog to inform friends and family. As it turns out it has also given insight and strength to other sufferers who would read it. I am attaching a link if you care to read it please start from the beginning.

This is a very strange request, that I know, but if you could do a show with a cancer patient either currently undergoing treatment or in remission in her memory I would greatly appreciate it. I am attaching a photo of her as I will remember her and maybe you can help someone regain their self esteem as I wished that I could have done for her.

My wife was a very accomplished person loved by everyone, but feared that no one would remember her. If you would choose to accept this application, not only do I know that in a small way she will not be forgotten, but she will also be helping someone else deal with the same ordeals as she had gone through.

Thank you

Scott Brown

Getting off my soap box now, thankyou for letting me rant again

Scott and the X-Pooches (Rogue, Gambit, and Jubilee)


  1. This is an awesome idea! Hopefully you'll be online and smashing bad guys with me again at some point. I sent them an email as well, hopefully others do too.

    -Brian (static)

  2. I am in - done