Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, again its been some time since I posted, this time due mainly to feeling quite poorly for the last week and a half. The best I can figure is that my body just did not like that last transfusion. I spoke to the nurses about why a transfusion takes so long (2-3 hours) and also asked why the benadryl and prep, and they explained that a transfusion is like a mini organ transplant. Your body may try to reject the new blood, and therefore they give you anti-histamines so you don't have a bad allergic reaction to the new blood. Of course in an emergency situation like surgery they don't have the luxury to take that kind of time. At any rate I have been pretty sick (missed four days of work last week, all of which were spent laid out in bed, no TV, not even reading, I felt so bad) as well as the previous weekend down for the count as well. I usually have a couple of bad days during each chemo cycle, but this went beyond, and the blood is the only thing that was different, so that's what I'm going with. Also my body was reacting a bit differently than normal, trying to eject things as quickly as possible, including vomiting, which normally has not been one of my issues at all.

I have one more weird thing that I've been trying to avoid. A couple weeks back I started getting a couple sore spots in my abdomen and it does feel a bit like I pulled something, although I don't have any recollecction of doing so, but it seems to still be there. I see the doctor tomorrow, so I should know whats going on then. I have to admit I have been a bit afraid to call, as I worry it's the tumor getting up to shenanigans. It is probably just a strain, but I have read alot about people having issues with this type of cancer spreading to nearby organs, and I just hope the pain is not related to that at all. I have been taking pain meds for it too, and I get weird when I take too many pain meds (I get worried I'll become addicted, which is silly if all it does is take the pain away, but that's just me). I'm sure I'm making a bigger deal about it in my head than exists, and it will be settled one way or the other tomorrow at any rate, so no more avoidance for me!

On a brighter note, Neutron appears to have found a home! He is no longer available for adoption, nor is he at the shelter, so it seems that about a month ago (according to my sources) he was adopted and is with a new loving family!

On a less bright note Gambit's sarcoma is growing again, and seems to be coming on pretty strong. His behavior is still perky and normal, but we are going to take him to the vet this week to work out a long-term plan. He cannot keep having big surgeries every couple of months (bad for his health and our wallet) but he is still an active happy dog, so we need to find a way for him to live with this without having to go under all the time, and by avoiding any treatment that will make him sick. It's one thing for me to have chemo, I can understand why I feel bad, but it would never work for him and I would hate to make him sick for no reason that he could understand. I'm sure the vet will be able to find a way to keep Gamby active and happy, and if course I will post all results as we get them.


  1. Heather....
    The world is a lot less interesting today.... there is a hole in my life that will never be filled. You cannot imagine the impact that your departure has had on those around you. knowing you, you'd be shocked at the impact the loss of you has created. I miss you dear friend, and will miss you always. I am better and happier a person for having had you in my life, and I rail at the thought of not having you to talk with. Be at peace sweet friend and know that I'll do my best to watch out for your furry babies and your heartbroken hubby.....

  2. Heather,
    you showed me a strength within myself that I never knew I had. Although we have been out of touch for so long, you were never far from my thoughts. You are counted among one of the best friends I have ever known. My only regret is we only four days to hang out so many years ago....but they are memories I treasure.
    Be at peace my friend....I can already feel your spirit in my life.