Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Anonymous (EESister is that you?)

Thank you for your kind words. When Heather first set up this blog it was more to give universal information so that she did not have to make or receive so many phone calls due to the fatigue and the constant reminder to herself of her condition. I don't believe that Heather could have ever imagined the impact that she would have not only on those who fight the same battle or just for those that she somehow is able to give strength and inspiration to. That is the power of my little tail less rat fink and she might have become some super hero we always joked about her becoming (but no damn capes they are toooooooo dangerous!!! LOL). I will try the best I can to keep up too her standards even if at times they do seem to be rants. If you or anyone out there that reads Heather's blog feel that you know someone who could benefit just a pinch please pass along the link. If they look or not is not the point, put if one does and gains from it she will continue to do what she did best, at least for me, being a mentor and inspiration. I am glad that you don't mind hear a scratchy old broken record because I'm sure that it will happen again and again in the future.

I have not been able to bring myself to go on Heather's and into her e-mail see what groups that she belonged to or who she was in contact with. If there is anyone reading this blog that are members of some of the same groups I would appreciate it if you could help break the ice for me and inform them about Heather and her blog and give a resounding "BALD POWER!!!"for her.

Again thank you very much anonymous.

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  1. Scott,

    Thank you once again for your dedicated posting and sharing what you and others are going through. I really appreciate it and I know Barbara does too.

    Susan Sellers