Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To anonymous......and thank you for answering my question

To Anonymous

First let me thank you for asking your question in the comment under the "Why is it " posting. I had just asked my parents yesterday morning if it was still proper for me to be posting on Heathers site. You have answered that question for me, if I can help one person understand, come to terms for their own condition or family member then I know I am doing the right thing, again thank you.

Also my thoughts and prayers go to you as you continue your fight stay strong and as Heather would say "Bald Power!"

On Sunday April 12, we went to bed like normal Heather was a little "antsy" because the next day She was to see Dr. B then have another chemo session. We had no Idea that would be the last night that we would spend together. When she woke up that following morning she was stiff and sore on her left side and noticed a knot in her left shoulder. Her first thoughts was that her port had gone bad again and was not looking forward to getting stuck in the arm. I went to work and she later went to the doctor.

When the doctor saw her, she felt that Heather had developed blood clots and sent her by ambulance to the hospital. There they took a CT scan and determined that she did have clots that were in her veins and not in her arteries, she did not need to have surgery to remove them they would admit her and treat her with blood thinners. As anyone who has followed Heather's blog will know nothing in her fight followed logic. They tried multiple thinners with no effect, and her pain was increasing. She stayed strong and feisty waiting for the right treatment to take hold so she could get home and play with the pooches. I do not remember the day that another doctor came into Heather's room and informed her that she had started to develop fluid between her ribs and her lungs and that they were trying to develop a plan on relieving the fluid and pressure. On Sunday April 12, her mother got to town and was in her room when I got there after work by this time Heather was receiving transfusions to help bring her red cell counts up. A few minutes later after I arrived another doctor came into the room and again told us how "unique" her condition was. The red cells were more or less breaking down as soon as they entered her body and no one could figure out why and that they would continue trying to thin out the clots and raise her cells. Monday April 13 she appeared to be in better spirits, this is also the day that we spoke to the nurse from the hospice outreach on steps when she did come home. Tuesday April 14 Heathers mother called me from the hospital to let me know that the pain had increased and she would keep me informed not knowing that my cell phone had ran out of juice when I hung up with her. Approximately 4:35 My co-manager handed me the store phone, on the other end was the nurse administrator telling me that I needed to get in my car, drive safely, and get to the hospital now. When I got to the hospital I was lucky enough to make it for the last 40 minutes that Heather had to share. What the doctors had determined was that one of the blood clots in her chest broke free and went to her lung. Also that the tumor had reversed itself and gone aggressive against her which points to why her red counts were down, her pain, and the probability that she was suffering from internal bleeding. Until that Tuesday, one week ago today we still had plans for her to come home, she is now.

If there is anything else that I might be able to do for you as you continue your fight anonymous please continue to post comments or contact me at my e-mail listed in the previous posts.

Wifey your blog is still helping.


  1. ok, 'anonymous' will come clean..
    that was my first post here, Scott...my name is Dot :)
    I wrote to you last week, to express my condolences and regret that I'd not written to Heather about our close association with UUS..both of us Stage IV.
    Reading her story, ongoing, helped me feel less alone with a rare and scary disease. I liked her very much and felt that I 'knew her'.. so many of her words, thoughts, and experiences echoed my own.
    I liked her very much and the punch to my gut, with her passing last week, is still with me. I think of her often and miss her.

    I want to tell you that I, also, like You very much. You are brave, so honest, and open. How proud she must be that you've picked up her torch :)
    Thank you for answering my request..I wondered if I dare ask about her final moments when you are so raw.. hence the 'anonymous' profile.

    She Will be Remembered, mourned..and Celebrated!
    Thank you for continuing her story and yours.
    Yes, you're doing the right thing and I dearly appreciate your dedication here..so very much.
    My hope is that you are being helped, as well.

    We're listening :)

  2. Scott - you rock and I think it is fitting if you continue the blog - Yvonne