Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Puppies

Today I brought Heather's remains home. How appropriate it was Jessica that put her in my hands. It just seemed so natural "Hi Wifey" came out of my mouth without thinking. My parents were with me, and my mother sat and held Heather as I drove home. I dreaded the thought of going to get her, but once she was in my arms a sense of calm came over me. There was still a tear in my eye, not a sad one but rather a peaceful happy one with a small smile. I have her now for eternity. I can protect her and she can feel no pain or hurt. I can still go to her when I need counsel or comfort.

When we got to the house, you could sense a relief in the pups. Rogue was tail wagging in a propeller spin yowling, Gambit was barking lifting himself up and down on his front paws tail looking for something to knock over, and Jubilee had her ears perked, smiling, standing with her front paws latched to my waist band. They were happy, relieved, overjoyed that their mom was home. They have been acting more and more like themselves prior to Heather getting sick as the minutes tick by. I believe that their first steps in their healing process has started also like their dad's.

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  1. Love hearing that :) Thank you for sharing!